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Barriers used to be everywhere, in the form of gatekeepers and rules that governed access to people with power, authority, budgets, expertise, and fame. But social media side doors– avenues of access through social media–have opened all around us, and few have noticed.

Through them, we can engage with top business executives, thought leaders, and tastemakers. We have the unique ability to draw the attention of people and organizations that are bombarded every day by countless competing traditional requests for consideration.

In The Social Media Side Door, social media strategist Ian Greenleigh reveals how to walk right through the social media side doors that lie hidden in plain sight–to forge valuable relationships, create business opportunities, raise your thought leader profile, or land the perfect job.

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“Any reader can take this book, apply Ian’s suggestions, and immediately start getting results from their social media marketing efforts, either for themselves or their employers…It’s one of the most informative and effective social media books I’ve ever read.”

—Joe Fernandez, CEO and cofounder of Klout

“Authentic relationship building is the new marketing. Consider The Social Media Side Door your map and Ian Greenleigh your trusted guide.”

—Ekaterina Walter, author of Think Like Zuck

“Social media is about connections. Real, personal connections that open doors, change your career, and help you win. Ian Greenleigh will teach you exactly how to take it from theory to reality.”

—Andy Sernovitz, author of Word of Mouth Marketing

“This is the stuff you wish you had known all along about social media. Greenleigh’s mix of personal experience and proven strategy make this a compelling—and remarkably useful—read.”

—Mack Collier, author of Think Like a Rock Star and founder of #blogchat

“There’s a whole other mode of using social media in marketing—particularly in business-to-business, professional services, and in any business where thought leadership is effective: influencer marketing. In The Social Media Side Door, Ian Greenleigh has provided a thorough and valuable guide to overcome obstacles and be more effective. The timing couldn’t be better.”

—Ric Dragon, author of Social Marketology and cofounder and CEO of DragonSearch

“In The Social Media Side Door, Ian Greenleigh has not only found the secret to seizing the power that social media makes freely available to everyone, he has found a way to explain it simply and effectively. The ability to gain direct access to potential employers, business leaders, authors, and even celebrities is intrinsic to social media. These side doors present a chance for you to prove your true value and earn their trust and respect. But like any door, knowing it exists is not enough. You have to have the smarts, initiative, and courage to open it yourself and walk through confidently. If your purpose is clear, read this book and find out how to use the social media side door to create your own success.”

—Chris Heuer, founder of the Social Media Club and Engagement Catalyst for AdHocnium

“This book offers an intriguing premise: that your ticket to reaching unreachable people is through social media. The only problem is this ‘side door’ won’t always be open. For anyone who has struggled to make it past the real gatekeepers, spam filters, and anything else separating you from having conversations with people you want to reach, the ideas in this book should help. Use them quickly!”

—Rohit Bhargava, author of Likeonomics and Personality Not Included and founder of the Influential Marketing Group

Excerpts from Amazon reviews 

“If you buy only one book on how social media can impact your career this year, then this is the book to buy.”

-William A. Frank | Ventura, CA | ★★★★★

“Ian Greenleigh, the author of The Social Media Side Door, has written an extensive guide that everyone can use to access these ‘hidden in plain sight’ side doors to help us achieve our goals.”

-John Chancellor | Spring Hill, TN | ★★★★★ | Top 500 Reviewer | (review copy provided)

“The author has written a go to guide for individuals and sales/marketing folks to really address the power of social media and do much more than at present. He has turned me around on innovative new ways of using Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn to reach out to prospects and targets/influencers.”

-Reg Nordman | Vancouver, BC | ★★★★★

“Author Ian Greenleigh has written the best guidebook to navigating the social media landscape that I have read so far.”

-Steve Burns | Nashville, TN | ★★★★★ | Top 500 Reviewer | (review copy provided)

“Occasionally, I come across one of the new young guns that is blazing the way for the future of marketing and Ian is one of those guys that is five steps ahead of the rest. His book Social Media Side Door will give you the insight and strategies you can use to get a serious edge in social media marketing.”

-Andrew Lermsider | New York, NY | ★★★★★

“…the unique focus of this book is on the use of creative techniques to connect with people who would not be open to your approach through normal channels. The book gives numerous helpful examples, although finding the right side door for each situation will still require ingenuity in selecting the right social media tools and method of approach.”

-John Gibbs |  Melbourne, Australia | ★★★★★ | Top 500 Reviewer | (review copy provided)



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CloseupIan Greenleigh is a social media and content strategist, and author of the new book The Social Media Side Door: How to Bypass the Gatekeepers to Gain Greater Access and Influence  (McGraw-Hill Professional). He helps companies turn data, ideas, and relationships into true thought leadership. His words and ideas have been featured in Harvard Business Review, Ad Age, Adweek, Digiday, Ragan, Seth Godin’s The Domino Project, U.S. News & World Report, and elsewhere.

From 2010 – 2013, he led content and social strategy for consumer insights network Bazaarvoice, Inc. (NASDAQ: BV). He writes and speaks on a wide range of topics, including changing consumer-brand relationships, the convergence of personal identities, and the radically shifting landscapes of access and influence. Greenleigh tweets at @be3d and blogs at

Contact him here.

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