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NOTE: This page is extremely out of date, and I only keep it up because it is part of a larger story. To learn more about my current “hire me” campaign, click here

“…a super savvy guy who understands how social media is changing the way people communicate and market their businesses.”

“…your go-to guy for the latest trends and emerging technologies.”

“In the social media space Ian has continued to demonstrate his ability to use the tools effectively.”

Chances are you won’t finish reading this page. I don’t blame you! There are so many qualified candidates out there currently, it’s nearly impossible to give each the attention they deserve.

In that spirit, here are the top 5 reasons I should be considered for your company or consulting needs.

  1. I’m a Social Media Pro:  Nominated for The Statesman’s 2010 Texas Social Media Award, I’ve helped companies generate a return on their investments in social media and community building, and I love every second of it. It’s great to be recognized for my work in this space.
  2. I give my all: My work ethic, more than anything else, has been responsible for my academic and professional success thus far. It stems from a respect for my employers and a personal commitment to always deliver my best.
  3. I play well with others: Strong professional relationships are essential to productive work environments, and I enjoy cultivating them.
  4. I’m passionate: Passion drives all my work. Passion makes even menial tasks worthwhile when considered in the overall context of delivering excellence.
  5. I’m an idea man: I’m constantly thinking of new and creative ways to help my clients and company. People have started to listen, implement, recognize my talent and come back for more.

Connect with me on Facebook and LinkedIn, and review my resume below–thank you.

Ian S. Greenleigh
5811 Mesa Dr., Apt. 122, Austin, Texas 78731 / 512.751.3978 / igreenleigh@gmail.com


Director, Sales & Social MarketingDec 2009 – Present, Flat Rate Web Jobs, LLC▪ Currently leading inside sales, lead generation and new media marketing efforts for respected web design firm with real estate-focused client base.▪ Nominated for 2010 Texas Social Media Award

Director, Sales & New Media

May 2009 – Dec 2009, DriveBuy Technologies

▪ In charge of B2B sales and all new media marketing efforts for DriveBuy’s mobile marketing and SMS platform. Authored content for multiple blogs and marketing e-mails, used Twitter effectively, participated in industry discussions and developed DriveBuy’s overall branded presence

Account Executive

June 2008 – April 2009, Affiniscape, Inc.

▪ Inside sales of internet advertising to law firms and corporate legal departments, client relationship management, administrative work

Client Services Representative

January 2008 – June 2008, Profit Fuel, Inc.

▪ Collections, customer service and sales by telephone

Wine Sales Representative

September 2007– May 2008, First Crush Tastings, Inc.

▪In-store wine and beer promotion and sales


September 2007– June 2008, Austin Tutors

▪Tutoring in English/Literature, History, Philosophy, Sociology and other courses

Peer Academic Coach

October 2005 – July 2007, UT Learning Center

The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX

▪ Provide weekly 1-on-1 study-skills and organizational mentoring to UT students

▪ Receptionist duties at front desk

Sales Associate

June 2006 –July 2006 (Summer Position) , West Elm

Corte Madera, CA

▪ Incentive-based home furnishing sales


February 2005 – December 2005, The Daily Texan

The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX

▪  Weekly political columnist

Campus Senator

Fall Semester 2004,  Student Government Association,

Austin Community College, Austin, TX

§  One of two Rio Grande Campus Senators


University of Texas at Austin,  Austin, TXJanuary 2005 – December 2007. BA in Government.Austin Community College, Austin, TXAugust 2003 – December 2004

Sir Francis Drake High School , San Anselmo, CA 94960



Please inquire for references.
  • Leigh

    Have you applied online? There’s a social marketing manager position available.

    Good luck!

  • http://stuntranch.comactually,Ihavedozensofthem... Steve Wolf

    For a guy who proclaims he wants to work for me, you’ve been pretty scarce around the office… but I don’t suppose my office is where you’d need to be to do your best work.

    Seriously, the content of your material here is terrific, and you show a great understanding of the social media beast.

    Are you really looking for a job, or would you prefer a collection of freelance clients?

  • http://chriswilde.com Chris Wilde

    I apologize that my click probably cost you.

    I owe you a Starbucks coffee. :-)

    I was totally impressed with your Facebook ad and I had to let you know.

    You have my respect and gung-ho wishes for great success with it.

  • Ian Greenleigh

    I’ve responded directly via email to each of these comments, for the record…

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  • http://none Anonimoose

    Be a man and find a job like the rest of us. It’s people like you that piss me off. Instead of proving you have the skills you just make a shitty you tube video, or ad on facebook or what the fuck ever and believe THAT should be the grounds to hire you.

    You get a job by proving your worth, and you come off as pretty damn worthless.

    good luck

    • Ian Greenleigh

      Um, thanks? Why would I do something that hasn’t worked well for me in that past? Why wouldn’t I try to take a different approach? It’s cute that you drop by and post your little anonymous comment and all, I’m flattered to be the subject of your ire. Notice I approved your comment. I wonder if you’d do the same?

  • http://mobile.mech-dev.com Eric

    Anonymity is a great thing if you do not realize that your IP has been logged by the server. Why would you feel you need to hide yourself when you share your opinion?

    Unfortunately not everyone is able to successfully coordinate a social networking campaign. Fortunately Ian is capable of providing a necessary service though bringing his comprehension of marketing through social networking. It is all about creating a conversation with your customers, and it is clear to me that Ian gets that – even if he does not have the words to explain why he gets it. Best of luck to you Ian.

    • Ian Greenleigh

      Thanks for your support, Eric. I found it humorous that he started off his rant by asking me to “be a man”–as if leaving anonymous, mean-spirited comments is what makes one a man. Pretty sure that’s irony.

  • Paul Haarman

    Kudos to your “Shameless Self Promoting” … I love it! Not quite clear on what you’re looking for, but I’d love to perhaps chat with you. Are you looking for an actual “job” by definition? Are you looking for freelance project work? And/or are you willing to dive in to a potential start up with equity in exchange as compensation for being part of the core team? Email me and then let’s talk if we seem to be on the same page. Cool?

  • Ian Greenleigh

    Very cool. Thanks! I sent you an email.

  • Mary Firme

    Excellent job Ian. As someone who works in the marketing space, I applaud you for finding an appropriate way to stand out from the thousands of recent grad resumes swirling around Austin, while simultaneously showing you understand social marketing. Best of luck! Mary

    • Ian Greenleigh

      Mary- Great to hear! Hold your applause- I haven’t found a job just yet!

  • http://www.ask.com Robbie Waeschenfelder

    I’m impressed, I think this is exactly how you should go looking after a job these days. If contract/freelance stuff is an option for you, drop me a note.

  • Ian Greenleigh

    Robbie- I appreciate it. I might just send you an email here in a bit…thanks.

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  • Lauren

    Let me know if you are interested in freelance/contract work. My firm often gets clients who don’t have a lot to spend but are looking for a little social media boost. Thanks and good luck!

  • Leigh

    Congrats on the new job! We’re excited to have you on the team. Have fun at SXSW and see you later this month!

    PS: You already have a nickname…

  • Ian Greenleigh


    LOL, what is it? Pray tell…

    Is it something rad like Ace? I’m MORE excited to be working with y’all! So there.

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