Blog Comments Build Your Readership

My 1st video! Please let me know what you think.

Ian Greenleigh
Author | Turning data into stories | Sr Mgr, Content & Social Strategy, Bazaarvoice | Former baby
  • http://www.multifamilyinsiders.com Brent Williams

    Great first video post, Ian. I try to get the bloggers on my site to do that for each other, and even make it part of who wins the blog of the month award. It’s all about interacting and sharing ideas, and this is a great way to start things up on your own blog.

    (But now, if I don’t see you commenting on one of my blogs, does that mean that this doesn’t work after all? :) haha)
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  • Ian Greenleigh

    @Brent- Appreciate the kind words!

    BTW, I absolutely loved your ideas RE: transitioning a Facebook Profile to a Fan Page, and I was sooo ready to say so in the comments section. But, alas, as sometimes happens, I encountered a 404 Error upon attempting to register. Let me know if there is a workaround and I’ll try it again.

  • http://www.sasstown.com Cecilia Nault

    Good primer on how commenting appropriately can help us all build our readership. I have my own small circle of blog friends, I leave a comment on their posts about 80% of the time but if I have nothing to say on the subject…well I don’t have to make my presence known every time I’m there.

    Good point on leaving comments on super high traffic blogs to improve your own flow. When there is a couple hundred comments I don’t have time to read through all of that unless it’s a subject I’m passionate about. Leaving well thought out, clever comments on smaller blogs gets the new blogger more notice.

    PS: Technical note: I had a little bit of a hard time hearing your video even though I cranked up all the volumes. Not sure if the problem was on your end or mine?
    .-= Cecilia Nault´s last blog ..Puppy Punked =-.

  • http://wwwjackbenimble.blogspot.com/ Jack

    Twitter, FB and RSS feeds have impacted attention spans and the willingness to comment. I used to receive far more than I do now.
    .-= Jack´s last blog ..Jericho =-.

  • Ian Greenleigh


    Have you played around with video? I wonder what else has contributed to the decline in commenting on your blog….

    Is a RT or FB shout-out less valuable?

  • http://austinscoolestblog.com Jason Crouch

    Ian – Great job with the content of your first video! I guess this information has a lot to do with the “Dare to Comment” title and with comment marketing in general.

    As an aside, like Cecilia above, I had trouble hearing it, even though I had the volume turned all the way up on the video and on my MacBook Pro.